How to handle a Verizon Transfer of Service?

Your employee wants to transfer their phone from your company Verizon account to their personal Verizon account.

You can initiate the transfer by logging into your Verizon online account. Inputting the employee's phone number. Select the drop-down under "I want to" and select "Transfer your service" once you fill in the blanks and hit submit, the request is sent to Verizon, and emails are sent to the employee on how to proceed. 

The employee will need to call Verizon 800-922-0204 option 0 and let the customer service rep know you need to perform a transfer of service to your existing Verizon account. You have an email proving that we have allowed your authority to take the line, and a note has been created in their system for you to move your line.

If you have any issues, you can have Verizon contact me. Send me a text if they will call so I don’t ignore it.

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